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Business Cloud Services, SaaS, VPN, Mac and PC Computers, Azure & Sharepoint, AWS and Hosting Services, Dropbox for Business, Password Management, Wordpress & Web Development, Malware Protection, Privacy & Security


Backup and Disaster Plans, Information Security Policy, Incident Management, Change Management Policy, Infrastructure and Network Security, User Management & Training, Web Asset Management, Social Media Engineering, Accounting Services, CRM Software, Wireless and WiFi MESH Networking, WiFi Site Surveys


File Servers, NAS, AFP SMB Networking, iOS & Android Deployment and Control, VPN Services, Remote Work Protocol, User Software Maintenance, Web Security, Social Media Campaigns, AdWord and Facebook Advertising, Google Ranking & SEO

About Heavy

You need an outsourced IT department you can depend on. We service individuals and businesses within the GTA. When it comes to technology, we know your needs are always evolving. The truth is that for most companies, in-house IT staff is simply too expensive to have around all the time or they just cannot keep up with new technologies and services.

We have a trusted team here to help you design, implement, support and manage of all your technical needs. Our team leverages a varied set of skills and expertise that offer a greater range of solutions available to you as your business grows. Plus, you get a straight forward way of saving money by paying only for when you need our service.

Heavy Consulting Incorporated is a full service technical support company with over 25 years of experience in leading technologies. Everything from presales support to infrastructure and complacency needs, at Heavy Inc we do it all.

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